The Royal Aeronautical Society (London, UK) (RAeS) is the leading professional institution for people of all aerospace disciplines. The RAeS offers 19 Specialist Groups and grades of membership catering for everyone from the keen enthusiast to leaders of industry. The RAeS Montreal Branch (RAeSMB) of one of over 65 branches worldwide. Please explore our website and return often to view updates.


COVID-19 has placed aviation and aerospace in uncharted territories. The RAeS has posted useful and wide-ranging related information at RAeS Statement on COVID-19


RAeSMB 16th annual Assad Kotaite Lecture, Climate Friendly Travel - Making Aviation Great Again, 5 December 2019, at ICAO by Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President, International Coalition of Tourism Partners.Click for downloadable materials.

RAeSMB 2nd Nancy-Bird Walton Lecture, Gaining Altitude: Challenges and Wins of Women in Aviation - And the Path Ahead, 5 March 2019, at ICAO by Captain Lisa Norman, Boeing 787, Qantas Airways.Click for downloadable materials.

RAeSMB 15th annual Assad Kotaite Lecture, Innovation: Improving International Civil Aviation Safety through Refined Weather Observations, Reporting and Forecasting, 6 December 2018, at ICAO by Dr. Robert W. Maxson, Director, NOAA Aviation Weather Center.Click for downloadable materials.

Keynote talks featuring Angela Gittens, DG, ACI World and Phillipe Rainville, President / CEO, Aéroports de Montréal, 23 November 2018, International Aviation Club of Montreal, on What's Next for Airport?.

Beyond ICAO’s CORSIA: Towards a More Climatically Effective Strategy for Mitigation of Civil Aviation Emissions, 4 June 2018, Christopher B Lyle FRAeS Atwater Library.Click for downloadable materials.

Slipping Gravity and Other Surly Bonds, 19 April 2018, Capt Don Van Dyke FRAeS, at the Aero Club of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

RAeSMB 14th annual Assad Kotaite Lecture, Lessons from the Ashes: Improving International Aviation Safety through Accident Investigation, 7 December 2017, at ICAO by The Honorable Robert L Sumwalt III FRAeS, Chairman, U.S. NTSB.Click for downloadable materials.

Keynote talk by ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu, 22 June 2017, International Aviation Club of Montreal, 10th annual Conference on International Aviation Liability & Insurance.

Brexit: Some Implications for Civil Aviation, 5 April 2017, Christopher B Lyle FRAeS at Atwater Library. Click for downloadable materials.

The Montreal Aviation Museum: A Brief on its History and Future, 5 March 2017, John Lawson, President, MAM. Click for downloadable materials.