A Note from the Chairman Branch

Not-for-Profit Incorporation

Esteemed colleagues:

It gives me great pleasure to reach out to you today regarding one of the most important developments since the founding of our Branch in 2002. On February 17, 2021, we received our Letters Patent for our formal incorporation as a not-for-profit entity.  This milestone marks the fruition of 15 months of diligent work by your Committee, as we reported at our October 2020 AGM.

As part of this activity, our Committee developed a comprehensive set of rules for the Branch. These were based on numerous sources, including federal and provincial guidance materials, existing by-laws from other branches, and the Society’s own “Regulations for the formation and governance of the branches.” The resulting rules were carefully debated and accepted by the Committee on March 1, 2021 and were then forwarded to the Society for its review.

The Québec Registraire des entreprises requires us to conclude the ratification process within 60 days from the issuance of the Letters Patent (i.e. by April 18).  I have therefore convened an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on March 29, where I will be asking our Membership to approve the new Branch rules and to ratify the new entity’s Directors’ slate. For simplicity and transparency, we have elected to keep the directors of the NfP synchronized with the elected Officers of the Branch (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), in order to ensure that the legal entity is always harmonized with the Branch operations.

I am extremely proud of the Committee’s work and dedication in accomplishing this vital goal for our Branch. I am certain that our NfP status and strengthened governance will enhance everyone’s membership experience, as well as the contributions we can make to our industry. My personal thanks to all of our Members for your continued support and encouragement as we continue this journey together.

John Maris Ph.D, FRAeS
Royal Aeronautical Society – Montreal Branch
C: +1 514-895-7075  T: +1 450-441-646
The Royal Aeronautical Society – Montreal Branch is pleased to announce an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to convene virtually on March 29, 2021, at 19:00 EDT. You are cordially invited to participate by registering for a Webinar HERE.  The EGM will be open to Members and non-Members, but only Members are entitled to vote.

The main purposes of the EGM, in line with the Chairman’s remarks on the preceding page, are to approve the new Branch Rules, and to elect the Directors of the new non-profit Branch entity.  The following attachments form part of the EGM record:

Attachment 1: Draft agenda
Attachment 2: Proposed Branch Rules

To propose any amendment to the Agenda, please do so by e-mail to the Secretary at andrew.dawe@sympatico.ca, not later than March 22, 2021.

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