Presentation Competition 2022

Competition postponed to Saturday, April 23.

Abstract deadline extended to Monday, April 4.

The RAeS Young Persons Lecture Competition Canada (previously also known as UTAC Aviation Presentation Competition) will be held in a virtual format once again in 2022.

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2022

Prizes will be awarded in the Canadian competition, and the winners will also be entered into the RAeS N.E. Rowe Young Persons Lecture Competition.

Anyone under the age of 30 residing in Canada (including international students) may participate. RAeS membership is NOT required to enter the Canadian competition.

Each presentation should be 12-15 minutes long and can be on any aviation/aerospace-related topic. Presentations must be done individually.

There is no registration fee.

What do you need to do to participate?

Submit a 200-250 word abstract using the registration form by Monday, April 4, 2022.

If your abstract is accepted for the final, you will prepare your 12-15 minute presentation and an accompanying PowerPoint or similar visual (when choosing the type of visual, keep in mind that you will be showing it by sharing your screen).

You will need a computer with a webcam to participate. This will allow you to share your screen to show your visual, while also being visible through the webcam.


Presentations will be evaluated on a 60-point scale:

  • Keeping to the allotted time of 12-15 minutes (5 points)
  • Structure – introduction, development of the topic, conclusion (10 points)
  • Oral presentation – spoken delivery, audibility, speed, flow (10 points)
  • Audience engagement – eye contact, interaction, keeping attention (5 points)
  • Visual presentation – relevance, ease of reading, complement to oral presentation (5 points)
  • Ability to answer questions post-presentation (10 points)
  • Content, grasp of subject, originality (15 points)

Age groups:

There are two age groups in the competition: 21 and under, and 22-29.

Provided there are at least 3 participants in each age group, the winner of each age group will receive a prize. If participation in one of the age groups is insufficient, the age groups will be merged, and the winner and runner-up will receive prizes.

International competition and recording of presentations:

Winners of each age group will be entered into the international N.E. Rowe Young Persons Lecture Competition. In order to participate in the international competition, the winners will have to be or become RAeS members (students join on a free student membership) and will also be required to submit their visuals and a 2000-3000 word write-up of their presentation. The deadline for the write-up will be May 1.

Presentations during the final will be recorded for the sole purpose of submitting the recordings of the winners’ presentations to the international RAeS competition. Participants may opt out of the presentation recording while still competing in the local competition and being eligible for prizes.


If you have questions about the competition, ask them through the form below or e-mail