School Outreach Presentations

The Royal Aeronautical Society Young Persons Network in Canada (RAeS YPN Canada) is pleased to offer presentations on aviation and aerospace careers and science/mathematics topics for intermediate and high-school classes. In the current circumstances, presentations will be done virtually only.

Teachers are invited to submit requests for presentations by filling out the request form. The table below lists the possible topics that relate to concepts from the science and mathematics curriculum, but other topics could also be presented – simply select ‘other’ in the form, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your request. For careers topics, live (i.e. non-recorded) presentations by aviation professionals can also be arranged with sufficient notice. Multiple topic selections can be made on the form, and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

Should you have any questions, please contact Valeriya Mordvinova, YPN representative, at

Careers topics

TopicCareers involvedDescription
Careers in aviationAir traffic control and flight services;
Aircraft maintenance;
Flying (pilot)
Watch recorded presentations by a pilot, an air traffic controller and an aircraft maintenance engineer about these and related careers (the total length is 67 minutes). RAeS YPN members will be present to answer questions afterwards. If we are unable to answer a question, we will forward it to the presenters and get back to the teacher with the answers at a later date.
Pilot careers and training pathwaysFlying (pilot)A more in-depth look at the various pilot jobs that exist and the different training pathways. This presentation is intended to show that flying is not only about the airlines. The presentation will also provide insight to students on the five main training pathways, their advantages and disadvantages, what courses are the most useful to take in grades 11-12, and why having a backup career is important (pandemics such as right now, recessions, loss of medical).

Science and mathematics topics

TopicApplicable science or math concept(s)Description
Forces acting on an airplane in flightForces;
Newton’s third law;
Bernouilli’s principle
Describe lift, weight, thrust and drag. Describe when the airplane is in equilibrium. Draw force diagrams for straight-and-level flight, climbing, descending, and turns.
Bernoulli’s principle applied to an airplaneBernoulli’s principleDescribe the role of the Bernoulli principle in the creation of lift, the carburetor, and the venturi-driven vacuum system.
Moisture in the atmosphereStates of matter;
Latent heat
Introduce the concepts of dew point, saturation, adiabatic lapse rates. Describe the role of latent heat in weather, including the formation of thunderstorms.
Triangle of velocitiesVectorsExplain the 3 vectors in the triangle of velocities. Describe practical applications to navigation. Solve problems using the triangle of velocities. Demonstrate the E6B flight computer.
Trigonometric applications in flyingTrigonometry
*Note: This topic involves simple trigonometry using sine and cosine. Trigonometric functions are not involved, but can be incorporated if desired.
Demonstrate practical applications of trigonometry in flying. Solve problems involving headwind and crosswind components of wind, and vertical and horizontal components of lift in a turn.
Types of hypoxiaRespiratory system;
Cardiovascular system
Define hypoxia. Describe the four types of hypoxia and why they occur. Describe symptoms of hypoxia. Discuss the operation of passenger oxygen masks in an airliner and the reasons behind specific instructions given by cabin crew.